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St. Michael's Scout Troop
Summer 2002


What's happening this month at St. Michael's
Photo Album 2002
Iron Scout Hike 2002
Winter 2000/2001 Photos
Summer 2002
Summer Bike Camp
Senior Adventure Camp November 2002

Adventure Backpacking Camp!
(as described by Ryan) We hiked to our campsite the first day during the after noon and it was sunny and warm so it was quite nice. At the campsite we set up our tents on the beach and ate our own cooked supper. The next morning we packed a day camp with some breakfast to cross the river before the tide came in, on the other side we cooked our food on single burner stoves and put on some bug spray and hiked up the large hill. The trail led to another beach somewhere in the park. The sun was hot but the water was cold so only a few of us went swimming we stayed there most of the after noon and ate lunch there too. We hiked back to our campsite in time for supper. The next day we hiked back to the parking lot on the same trail as we did the first day.







After a busy day at camp, Peter takes a nap!